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School Wing Added – In 1978, during the service of Pastor Marcus Lang, an educational wing consisting of a gymnasium and four classrooms was added and Lutheran School of Messiah was opened in 1979. The church was now officially named Lutheran Church and School of Messiah.

Preschool Added – A volunteer-led preschool and pre-kindergarten was opened by the congregation in the fall of 1983 expressly to “teach our children about Jesus.” It operated as a separate volunteer-led program for 24 years. It has not been a part of the K-8 Christian day school. In 2007 the first full time director was hired. At that time it officially became a part of the school.

Fire of 1989 – On September 11, 1989, during the time that John Meyers and Timothy Puls were pastors and Corky Miller was principal of the school, an arsonist started fires at five church locations in Grand Junction. The sanctuary of Lutheran Church and School of Messiah was destroyed, and the office suite, library, gymnasium, and classrooms were un-usable. The school continued its operations at the Salvation Army building while the sanctuary was rebuilt and buildings were restored.

Sanctuary Rebuilt and Second Education Wing Added – In 1990 the new sanctuary and fellowship hall were completed. The main office suite, library, and gymnasium were restored, having survived the fire. The second education wing was added in 1992 which included 5 additional classrooms and a teachers’ workroom.

Owned and Operated by Lutheran Church and School of Messiah – Our School is owned and operated by Lutheran Church and School of Messiah. The chief administrator of the school is the Principal, who is directly responsible to the Board of Education of this congregation. The Board of Education works under the Church Council and is responsible to the General Assembly, which is the chief governing body of Messiah.
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Education Facilities – The School is one of 1173 Lutheran pre-schools, 804 elementary schools, 91 high schools, 225 Campus ministries, 10 universities and 2 seminaries owned and operated by Missouri Synod congregations, associations of Lutherans, or the Synod itself, throughout the United States.
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod At-A-Glance – In addition, more than 570 career, short-term and long-term missionaries, and 623 military chaplains and civilian counselors are currently serving around the world. Today, they are lovingly teaching, preaching, discipling and caring for God’s people. Messiah, along with over 6,000 other congregations, pray for these missionaries and the mission of the LCMS each week. (LCMS At-A-Glance: click on “LCMS Fact Sheet”)